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Summary PHP Object Model and Framework for User Interface Components.
Categories libraries, construction
License Apache License
Owner(s) futuraworkz

Interface is a PHP User Interface Object Model and Framework. It provides a lifecycle and common interface

Why is this useful to me?

Interphace primary function is providing a Component Object model to build your PHP applications. While Interphace components are usually used for As User Interface tools, this is not the only use for a component. Thus, the purpose of the component can be a Web Service, Command Line utility etc. Developers using Interphace are always writing reusuble code, because each component you write becomes part of your tool kit. Interphace's features include:

  1. Component Life-Cycle
  2. View Trees
  3. Broadcasts and Listeners
  4. Inherited Component Binding
  5. Session Engine Object (which contains the navigation mapping and application logic)
  6. Cascading Identified Logging
  • The Object Model and facilities in Interphace are inspired by Java Server Faces and Tapestry. Interphace components are not tied to a particular data object package or template engine, although it is likely that there will be extensions of Interphace that bind Propel data objects and compile HTML_Template_Flexy to Interphace components. Hopefully, it won't stop there.


To be the standard object model implemented for PHP5 Components, web UI or otherwise.

What is the scope of this project?

Completely cover the necessary object-oriented interfaces in PHP5 to implement flexible, listening and embeddable components.

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